AVEIL SPF 50 Gel is a new age sunscreen, known for its anti-inflammatory, and protective repair properties. This will fight effectively against photoaging. It comes in a seamless flip tube, which makes it hygienic and travel friendly. It also contains natural phospholipids for skin repair, which hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. This product is completely free of plastic acrylates, parabens, silicones and paraffin. It spreads evenly on the skin to provide uniform protection from the harsh rays of the sun.
AVEIL SPF 50 gel uses less number and quantity of ingredients for same degree of sun protection, making is very comfortable for skin , completely oil free, with no filming effect. Play it safe in the sun with AVEIL SPF 50 gel.

AVEIL SPF 50 GEL is the next generation sunscreen that comes with the unique nano technology that helps in forming a very consistent formulation with very even spreadability that offers uniform protection , which is not so with other sunscreens.

Unique French ingredient based formula

With Suncat.

Phospholipids help in skin repair

Trusted by dermatologists

No Paraben

No Paraffin

No Preservatives

No Strong perfumes

Completely Gel-emulsion technology Based

Formulated by Doctors

Weight50 kg
Dimensions1000 × 20 × 30 cm

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