The dust and pollen season makes it difficult for any kind of skin to keep itself supple and soft. Maintaining healthy and hydrated skin thus becomes rocket science for one and all. However, if a person performs even a little bit of season transition for a particular weather, he/she can easily keep his skin in a good texture.

According to some of the best skin doctor in Delhi, the problems such as urticaria, atopic dermatitis and eczema are very common problems of the skin during dust and pollen season. However, if careful measures are taken, one can keep the skin clean and fresh.

The one of the best skin doctor in Delhi suggests following skincare routine for the dust and pollen season:

  1. Hydrate, don’t suffocate:

One of the simplest ways using which a person can take care of his/her skin is the routine of hydrating the skin. This could be done by applying a good moisturizer or face oil. A good quality moisturizer or face oil helps to maintain the moisture levels of the skin, hence hydrating it completely. A hydra facial mist after cleansing is also a good option for the skin. Don’t make the mistake of going in for too many of the hydrating facials, or similar “treatments” for skin hydration if at all get them done under expert supervision preferably of a dermatologist or aesthetic physician so there are no chances of error and desirable results can be obtained. Medifacials are performed by some doctors under direct supervision , but in most cases of allergies and active involvement of skin it is advisable not to get such treatments done.

  1. More number of antioxidants:

Apart from the overall health, antioxidants are beneficial for the health of the skin as well. The antioxidants help to repair and restore the barrier of the skin and they also minimize the sun-induced damage on to the skin, thereby boosting its overall effectiveness. A number of cosmetic products are full of antioxidant properties, hence serving the purpose for the people. There is no rule of thumb here understand your body type and it’s nature before going in for any antioxidant therapy , they also can have potential side effects. Some integrative medicine or functional medicine clinics use some natural supplements also to influence immune responses in a favourable way inplace of using steroids.

  1. Sunscreen is important:

Increased exposure of sun to the skin is a common problem during the dust and pollen season. This means that incorporation of daily facial sun protection is very important in order to maintain healthy skin. Acne and rosacea are the two most common problem that a person suffers from during this season. Thus, some of the best skin specialists advice to choose a good sunscreen for the skin and to use the same regularly. One such brand of sunscreen is the Heliocare SPF 50 airgel, which protects against Infra red rays and has potent antioxidant in the sunscreen also.

  1. Eating a good diet:

Skincare is not only about the cosmetic product that a person uses but about the diet that a person takes in order to keep the skin soft, supple, and healthy. Caring of skin from the inside with nourishing foods make sure that the skin remains healthy from the outside. At the same time, a good diet makes the seasonal transition of the skin much easier. Most skin specialists strongly suggest everyone take a good diet full of fruits and leafy vegetables.

Follow these simple tips to save the skin from seasonal blues. And as always it is always best to seek expert advice from a skin specialist near you or a skin doctor nearby.

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