When acne leaves, it doesn’t leave like that but it leaves with some of the most stubborn scars which are hard to treat. These scars are the unfortunate remnant of acne lesions which tend to damage the collagen layers of the skin. This results in a raised or depressed portion of the skin which can look at a little different from what a person calls healthy skin. According to skin specialists trained in acne treatment in Delhi, spot peels are considered to be one of few very good and cost effective treatment options for acne scars, and work very well for pigmented acne scars but also in some cases of atrophic or depressed scars, the procedure is  Also known as a chemical peel, this refers to a concentrated form of most commonly used fruit acids ,which are applied on to the skin in order to remove all kinds of scarred skin cells, thereby allowing the healthy cells to grow in their place. 

There are a number of chemical peels which come with their own benefits so as to treat the scarring of acne. Some of the most advanced peels for acne are used at skin clinics in khan market and South Delhi. The acne treatment in Gurgaon calls this procedure an expert-approved  and well accepted method, hence causing no side-effects on to the skin and helping the skin to get rid of the stubborn scars. The following includes the important benefits of chemical peels: 

The following are known to be the best soft peels for acne therapies and scars: 

A phenol chemical peel is considered to be one of the deepest peels for acne scars and the same must be used under the supervision of the dermatologist. This is a deep peel that penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin, beyond the epidermis layer. This peel takes a duration of one or two hours to complete. It helps to improve the appearance of atrophic acne scars which are pitted scars on the face. These have become very technologically and formulationally advanced but still we need to be very cautious when using such peels. Dr Aman advices best to stay away from such aggressive  chemical peels as there may be safer and simpler options. But a choice can be made based on the type of skin.

Glycolic acid peel is known to be a superficial chemical peel recommended by most unanimously by dermatologists giving acne treatment in Delhi. This does not penetrate beyond the epidermal dermal junction level. This kind of peel is derived from sugarcane. The small nature of glycolic acid molecule permits for deeper penetration into the pores of the skin, thereby encouraging the release of dead skin cells and improving its appearance. Also the newer preparations care with a higher ph and can be very safe. 

This kind of chemical peeling is used for medium facial peels and require less recovery time if compared to the deeper chemical peeling. This was a favourite of dermatologists and skin clinic doing acne treatment in Delhi, this peel is able to penetrate deeper than any other superficial peel, working on the reduction of the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, blemishes, etc. This kind of chemical peeling is known to be one of the best options to remove all kinds of acne scars and it doesn’t cause a lot of side effects.  The results were fantastic but again the chances of peel burns and in some cases a little recovery time and availability of safer options has discouraged the use of these peels.

Resorcinol and hexyl resorcinol based peels are also a recent addition. There are some skin clinics in khan market also using nano peels for acne and acne scar management.

Opt for the best peeling option for the treatment of scars. There are many online do it yourself peels available, anyone in sane mind will not try such stunts on their own. You may learn to use some of these home peels on your own and then use them judiciously, but stay away from use of professional grade products on your own.

It is best to consult a skin doctor and develop complete understanding of what is the treatment plan for management of acne scars.

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