Pimples, as well as summer boils, both are the troublesome skin problems which could cause similar symptoms and hence they are often confused with each other. Pores are the tiny openings in the skin which allow the oil to seep out, thereby keeping the skin soft. A pimple is caused when the pore gets clogged. On the other hand, a boil is known to be a pus-filled lump which is caused as a result of bacterial infection. The appearance of a boil is red and swollen. Pimple treatment in Delhi can be done at home or even as per the treatment recommended by the doctor. It is Always best to see a dermatologist near you for such problems. It is sometimes elusive for even the trained eye i.e the specialist doctors also to differentiate between multiple facial folliculitis and boils and pimples, so it’s best for us not to delay and take proper treatment.


A pimple is known to be a result of excess production of oil or a buildup of dead skin cells and bacteria on to the skin. A number of people develop acne or pimples when they enter the age of puberty, this is because of the hormonal changes caused in the body. At the same time, bacteria are known as Propionibacterium acnes also infiltrates the skin to cause pain, irritation, and redness on to the skin. Most commonly, pimples occur on to the face, in some cases, they also appear on the neck and back of a person. 

Summer boils are caused as a result of the bacteria namely (usually) Staphylococcus aureus that usually lives on the surface of the skin and can also reach the inner layer of the skin in some cases. Summer boils are also the result of excess “ summer heat” which could result in the boils on the skin. These boils start in the form of a round and a small bump which is a little red and swollen in terms of appearance. A summer boil can also be water-filled or pus-filled. As this bump grows, it increases the pressure on to the skin which causes the boil to drain and rupture. Sometimes infection can also  result in watery pus filled blisters which may be highly contagious, this may be impetigo infection. 

Excess intake of fruits such as mangoes and various sugary drinks that we consume in this weather are all known to aggravate both cystic acne and facial abscesses and boils.


Pimple treatment in gurgaon may be different from boil treatment. However, some of the treatment options include the most common techniques. 

Apart from pimple treatment in Delhi with the consultation of a doctor, the treatment also involves good skincare that must be followed by the people suffering from pimples. Doctors usually recommend washing the skin in the morning as well as evening using warm water and a mild cleanser. People suffering from acne are also given topical products composing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic which helps to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells. One should use such products cautiously and not combine them with over the counter “antiseptic lotions” as they can cause significant irritation.

In order to treat summer boils, the doctors usually recommend the application of an ice pack which helps to reduce the pain and also helps to drain the summer boil. If a boil is located on an area which is hard to reach, doctors prescribe certain medications including antibiotics to treat the same. 

There is a known DANGEROUS AREA OF THE FACE, if you have any boil on this area, which is the area around the mouth and around tip of nose and sides of nose, WE MUST NEVER PRESS IT, as the infection can travel and go upto the brain and unnecessarily become threatening.

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