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Aveil C-NU


This product is formulated keeping your skin concerns in mind. It contains the most stable and efficient form of Vitamin – C – AA2G, 20%. It brightens the skin, protects and prevents it from sun damage. It is dermatologically recommended and it is free of plastic acrylates, parabens, paraffins and silicones. It also contains, small amounts of vitamin A and E for a complete antioxidant solution for skin care. The protective effect helps in enhancing natural radiance and a healthy glow.


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C-NU is a product, thoughtfully designed according to what the doctor needs for your skin. The active ingredients are sourced from Hayashibara, Japan. In an absolutely non irritating and vanishing base. The addition of retinol imported from U.S.A., also adds to the true proven rejuvenating ability of C-NU.

  • C-NU Unique stable form of Vitamin C
  • In completely Non oily- vanishing base.
  • AA2G type of Vitamin C From Hyashibara Japan
  • Actual full 20% strength
  • With Low Dose Retinol for enhanced penetration into the skin
  • No Preservatives
  • No Silicones
  • No Paraffin
  • No Formaldehyde donor
  • Guaranteed free from Steroidal compounds
  • With Added Vitamin E
  • Airless pump pack for Safety, Zero Wastage and stability

The form of Vitamin C added in cosmetic products is most important, as vitamin c , in ascorbic acid form is the cheapest form , but most unstable and usually loses efficacy within a few days after opening the bottle or tube. Amongst the most stable forms of vitamin C is the AA2G from, and the best part is that it converts in the skin to ascorbic acid. So it is a smart way to use a stable form and efficient form of vitamin c.
In Indian conditions most Vitamin C serums loose efficiency due to variation in temperature or humidity. Aveil C-nu is designed keeping such conditions in mind.

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